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Solopreneur Runway Model

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Have you ever wondered:

  • How long can I keep working on this business idea?
  • Should I quit my job to build an online business?
  • How many customers do I need to make $5k a month?

If this is you, then you'd not want to miss this Solopreneur Runway Model.

It's a super simple, guided financial calculator that is designed for your to make high-level decisions about your entrepreneurial journey.

You will be able to decide within 20 minutes of work, whether this online business thing is worth your while.

What it is:

✅ Summarise what you need (💰-wise) to live

✅ List out every source of income you have (template sales, freelance work, SAAS subscriptions etc)

✅ Estimates what you will make every month and whether you will run out of cash (and when)

✅ (Opps, and if you do run out of cash, how much additional money you can raise from your overdraft, friends & family etc)

What it is NOT:

❌Detailed financial model - aim to get your answers within 20 minutes, not 2 days.

The model is created using Google Sheets.

Here is a sneak preview:

This project is a Startup Weekend finalist!

More about me:

This model is built as a No Code Weekend challenge. Follow me here to get behind the scenes updates and notifications on new product releases that help you make your solopreneur journey more profitable.

Follow me on Twitter for updates.

If you have any additional feature requests (what you want the model to do), please also feel free to reach out to me at @byhazellim

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Solopreneur Runway Model

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